Who is the greatest ever tennis player – Nadal or Federer?

Nadal is the best tennis player of all time

Federer's 18 Grand Slams show his superiority

 Getty: Scott Barbour / Stringer

Superior mind and strength. Winning an unprecedented 10th French Open, the hardest tennis competition of all, means Rafael Nadal must be seen as the greatest tennis player of all time, argues Vicki Hodges of the Telegraph. His perseverance against tough opponents over the years, in particular making himself a thorn in the side of Federer, demonstrates his prodigious qualities. Nadal has ended up on top in most of their matches. Having overcome several injuries over the years, Nadal has shown unique mental strength that puts him above the rest. His extremely physical gameplay led many to believe he wouldn’t last at the highest level, which he constantly disproves.  

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Like fine wine, better with age. Roger Federer’s continuous age-defying growth cements his status as the best ever tennis player, holds Paul Newman of the Independent. Already having been called the greatest for years, Federer has gone to improve his ‘weak’ backhand, bringing his game to an even more complete level. This was pivotal during his victory over Rafael Nadal in the 2017 Miami Open, and begs the question whether he’s reached his highest level yet. About to turn 36 in August, Federer isn’t letting time affect his body. Holding the all-time record of 18 Grand Slam victories, it is difficult to dispute that Federer is history’s greatest tennis player.

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