Should Maria Sharapova be allowed to play tennis again?

Sharapova's return to tennis sets a bad example

Her mistake was genuine. She's paid for it

 Getty: Adam Pretty / Staff

Maria Sharapova’s return to tennis is an affront to the rules of the game and encourages others to cheat too, implies Daniel Matthews of the Daily Mail. He quotes Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard who claims that Sharapova has broken the rules and should no longer be allowed to play tennis. In her view, Sharapova's return is highly unfair to other athletes who didn’t take any illegal substances and find themselves competing against Sharapova. Bouchard suggests that this sends the message that using performance enhancing drugs is a forgivable offense, setting a bad example for children.

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Maria Sharapova was not aware of the drugs she was taking and given her punishment, deserves to play tennis again, believes Bruce Y. Lee of Forbes. He writes that modern tennis bans so many substances and changes its banned list so often that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. The drug Sharapova had been using had been deemed illegal only shortly before she tested positive for it. Lee highlights the complexity of telling drugs apart from one another, proposing that athletes be informed more explicitly about changed to the banned list to avoid situations like Sharapova's.

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