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Was McGregor VS Mayweather a good fight?

McGregor VS Mayweather was boring

Against all odds, it was fierce & fiery

 Getty: Christian Petersen / Staff

The fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was predictable, incredibly overhyped and only served to line the two fighters’ pockets, asserts Kevin Mitchell of The Guardian. A non-boxer stepping into the ring with a boxing legend was always going to have the same outcome. From the very beginning, their marketing teams portrayed this as an equal fight or even a culture clash between boxing and MMA. It was neither. McGregor over-performed somewhat but was deservedly trounced by Mayweather, who was in complete control the whole time. This was in no way a fight to remember.

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McGregor VS Mayweather offered a surprisingly tight contest between two supreme fighters, believes Kelefa Sanneh of the New Yorker. The Irishman came in, standing and moving awkwardly, which made him seem out of place. That wasn’t the case. He may have lost, but he pushed and challenged Mayweather whenever possible. The 49-0 boxing champion looked rusty compared to his old self, no longer being able to rely on the top reflexes that singled him out during his career. In the first round he only landed two of six punches. McGregor’s grit and tenacity made the fight an entertaining surprise.

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