Are MLB Umpires Unfairly Targeted?

Umpires are treated incredibly unfairly

Their suffering is being overblown

 Getty: Greg Fiume / Stringer

The recent verbal attacks that MLB umpires have received are reflective of an unjust acceptance that they merit the abuse that is hurled at them routinely, suggests Joy Carrico of the WC Messenger. One reason for this unfiltered resentment might be the high degree of power that they wield, which can decide baseball games. They have become a scapegoat for letting out any and all frustration about a game. Athletes may be criticized just as much but this is balanced out with the immense adoration that they receive from fans. Players can even get away with blasting them in the media, which would result in a suspension if any umpire did the same.

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The current campaign to fight the criticism that MLB umpires receive wrongly portrays them as helpless victims in an unfair situation, writes SB Nation. Recent complaints referred to Ian Kinsler of the Detroit Tigers getting away with criticism of an umpire. He ended up receiving a $10,000 fine. Umpires on the other hand are shielded from financial punishment, only getting suspended for the same behavior. MLB players seem to be more accountable for their actions. Similarly, umpires are rarely penalized for making bad calls during a game. Their job may be hard but salaries are lucrative. Umpires are exaggerating the hardship they face.

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