Are the MLB’s baseballs juiced?

Baseballs are being 'juiced' to fly farther

Actually, they fall within every regulation

 Getty: Adam Glanzman / Stringer

The recent rise of home runs and baseballs generally flying farther can be attributed to baseballs becoming bouncier and more aerodynamic, reports Rob Arthur of Five Thirty Eight. Over the past three years, MLB fans saw the biggest and fastest rise in home runs in the history of the sport. This may have been due to unplanned factors in the manufacture of baseballs. The MLB’s regulations for baseballs are too broad, allowing for a degree of unpredictability that could end the rise of home runs as quickly as it emerged. For better or worse, baseballs’ buildup is making them fly farther than ever before.

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Extensive research has been undertaken into the recent spike in MLB home runs, concluding that nothing strange is going on with baseballs, write Kristie Ackert and Mike Mazzeo of NY Daily News. The current commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, has confirmed that after more extensive testing than ever before, MLB baseballs remain within official guidelines. While a definitive reason for the increase has not yet been found, all verifiable evidence supports that baseballs being ‘juiced’ is not the answer. The consistency of bats or even performance-enhancing drugs could be the cause of it.

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