Should the NBA televise its All-Star Draft?

Fans deserve to see excitement of the draft

It could humiliate last-picked players

 Getty Images: Jonathan Bachman

The new format for this year’s NBA All-Star Game draft could be as fun to watch as the actual game itself and should therefore be televised, says Bruce Jenkins in San Francisco Chronicle. Once the starters have been chosen for each conference, the two top vote-getters will be named captains and will get to select (in alternate turns) their own teammates. This new competitive format is great for television, and not televising the draft to protect players’ feelings and egos or to cater to agents who are concerned about their clients’ reputations is exaggerated and unfair to NBA fans who love game entertainment.

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While the NBA may have made its All-Star game more competitive by changing its draft, it doesn’t mean that the new format, similar to a popularity contest, should be broadcast on television for the world to witness, writes Ananth Pandian of, quoting Oklahoma City Thunder player Carmelo Anthony.  The NBA is right not to show the entire team selection process to the public, as there will be many players who will be angry with the captains and their choices. The public does not need to be involved in what should be behind the scenes, especially if friendships will come in to play.

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