Is Neymar’s $260m transfer from Barcelona to PSG justified?

Neymar's $260m fee shows soccer's insanity

Neymar's marketing appeal is ultimately priceless

 Getty: David Ramos / Stringer

Barcelona superstar Neymar’s impeding $260 million transfer to Paris Saint-Germain shows the way soccer reflects how our world distributes wealth upward, suggests Alex Niven of the Independent. Similar to the rising cost of housing, facilitating money flowing from the poor to the rich, soccer’s riches seem to gather at the very top. Private interests have taken over the sport that was once a working class game. Ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise, and TV deals have all been used to squeeze the maximum possible profits out of soccer. The unbelievable amount of money being spent on Neymar highlights the growing abyss between soccer and its fans.

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The fees revolving around Neymar’s upcoming transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (P.S.G.) may be breathtaking, but to the French club’s Qatari owners, he is worth it, argues Rory Smith of the New York Times. The Brazilian hotshot comes with a unique marketing appeal that will cement P.S.G’s emergence as a European heavy-hitter. The club knows that it doesn’t have the history of Manchester United or Real Madrid, but it hopes to create its own dominion in the digital era. Neymar’s social media presence and undying global fandom will bring benefits both in terms of reputation and finance. To P.S.G., having him on their team could be priceless.

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