Should the NFL ban kickoffs?

NFL should eliminate kickoffs

They're a vital part of the game

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The NFL should eliminate kickoffs as they add little to the scope of football and put players’ health in danger, asserts Kevin Seifer of ESPN. Even though some changes have been implemented to improve safety, they are still highly dangerous. Taking the touchback on the 25- instead of the 20-yard line has resulted in “popup” kicks that land short of the goal line, requiring a return. The speed and force with which players then collide snaps bones and induces concussions. We need to ask ourselves whether the limited entertainment value of kickoffs justifies the long-term damage it can do to players. Getting rid of the kickoff is necessary.

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Kickoffs are an essential part of football and should not be banned, suggests Michael David Smith in a 2016 article for Pro Football Talk. They are exciting and unpredictable and are a huge reason why football games are fun to watch. The unique matchup between offense and defense that they offer has no match. Additionally this raises the issues of banning onside kicks. Without them, football would be turned upside down, strongly reducing the excitement of a one-possession lead in the fourth quarter. The fact of the matter is that football is an intense contact sport that is full of hard collisions. Trying to eliminate them goes against its nature.

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