Did the NFL collude against Kaepernick?

The NFL colluded against him

There is simply no evidence of it

 Getty: Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer

The NFL almost certainly colluded to keep Colin Kaepernick out of a job, claims Dave Lozo of Vice Sports. This kind of behavior would not be surprising as NFL owners have done similar things in the past. His stats as a player put his skills far beyond the vast majority of quarterbacks, making the idea that he’s not good enough highly redundant. There is also a strong likelihood that team owners were influenced by President Trump, as many of them sponsored his election campaign with millions. While Kaepernick will have a hard time proving it in court, he was definitely forced out one way or another.

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Colin Kaepernick can say what he wants, but the NFL simply didn’t collude against him, suggests Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated. Team owners have several reasons for not hiring him, none of which prove collusion. In essence, it would require NFL teams to have gotten together and agree to collectively deny him a job, which even if it did happen, would be almost impossible to prove. Even if he were able to back up accusations of racial discrimination or team owners doing what President Trump said, this would not prove that it was collusion. Kaepernick’s quality as a quarterback is also not evidence to back his claim.

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