Did referee errors cause the Cavs to lose?

Cavs were cheated out of a victory

They would have lost anyway

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The Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA finals rematch on Christmas against the Golden State Warriors because they weren’t given a fair shot at competing during the final minutes, argues Brandon Lee in ClutchPoints. During the final stretch, when the refs paused the action to review a questionable block by Kevin Durant on LeBron James, this unfairly gave the Warriors a free, crucial timeout, enabling them to catch their breath and review strategy with only a few seconds left. Plus, LeBron James was fouled three times in the final two minutes but was ignored by the refs, which essentially cost him the game. This and other double standards regarding technical fouls by the refs caused the Cavs to lose.

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That referees ignoring multiple fouls against LeBron James is not the reason the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA finals rematch to the Golden State Warriors. The team has more significant problems than just referees’ missed calls, argues Ben Golliver in Sports Illustrated. The facts that Golden State won despite not having its lead player, Stephen Curry, on the court and that the team did not play their best, shows that the Cavs were already weak. Their defense made many unforgivable mistakes, showing that it is deserving of being ranked among the NBA’s five worst. Going into the next season, the Cavs need to work on improving player performance and discipline more worry less about referee missed calls.  

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