Should the LA Lakers Trade Lonzo Ball?

He and his Dad should go

It would be a big mistake

 Getty Images: Sean M. Haffey

The LA Lakers should trade Lonzo Ball mostly to distance themselves from Ball’s attention-seeking father, LaVar Ball, whose continued inappropriate statements may distract the team from focusing on playing, asserts Nancy Armour in USA Today. Now that LeBron James has joined the Lakers, the spotlight will inevitably be on him, which may cause LaVar Ball to up his public antics if he feels his son is getting snubbed. Should LaVar provoke a war of words, as he has a history of doing, it may negatively impact LeBron and the rest of his teammates’ dynamic and ability to play. Plus, skills-wise, Lonzo is expendable to the team, which deserves respectability, something that Lonzo’s father stains.

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It would be a mistake for the LA Lakers to trade Lonzo Ball, argues Ryan Phillips in TheBigLead, adding that new teammates LeBron James and Rajon Rondo should not have any bearing on the decision. In fact, LeBron continually praised Lonzo and his game last year, and told Magic Johnson that he was excited to play with the 20-year-old point guard. While Lonzo struggled at times in his rookie year, he proved that he has the stamina and skills to compete in the NBA, finishing the season averaging 10.2 points, 7.2 assists and 6.9 rebounds in 34.2 minutes per contest, according to Phillips. While Lonoz's father, Lavar Ball, is a nuisance, the public doesn’t seem to take him seriously or let him impact their feelings for the Lakers.  

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