Should the Yankees Go For Matt Harvey?

Matt Harvey is a risk worth taking

He's a hot-head and plays badly

 Getty: Patrick Smith / Staff

As it has become known that Matt Harvey’s time as a pitcher with the New York Mets is over, the Yankees would be wise to snap him up, believes Tyler Norton of SB Nation. Even though his form has suffered in the past few seasons, Harvey would come at a cut-price deal and offers important rotation options. With Jordan Montgomery out injured, Domingo German and Justus Sheffield aren’t quite enough to adequately replace him. Having depth with their pitchers is key for the Yankees. They have also shown that they can reawaken fallen giants like CC Sabathia or Freddy Garcia. With a bit of luck, the team could end up stronger than they were with a healthy Montgomery.

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While pitcher Matt Harvey and the Mets parting ways offers an enticing possibility of a move to the Yankees, it’s just not a good fit, infers Brendan Kuty of New First and foremost, Harvey brings far too much baggage. He’s a big celebrity that likes to party and is highly controversial. It would be highly distracting and offers controversy that the Yankees don’t welcome. They learned their lesson with Alex Rodriguez. Aaron Boone, who’s in his first year as a manager, might not be ready to handle Harvey. The pitcher has also been poor for a long time. His delivery has suffered immensely. Hoping for a Yankees-inspired renaissance may be too optimistic.

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