Who Will Win The 2018 NBA Playoffs?

The Golden State Warriors

The Cleveland Cavaliers

 Getty: Jason Miller / Stringer

The Golden State Warriors are simply too much for the Cleveland Cavaliers and are highly likely to triumph in the NBA finals, holds Tim Reynolds of the Denver Post. Even though LeBron James might be in the form of his life, he is no match for the Warriors’ star-stacked squad, especially if Andre Iguodala can recover in time. Since LeBron went back to Cleveland he has lost 17 out of 26 games against the Warriors. The Cavs’ have been poor during the regulation season, suffering in defense. Andrew Bogut’s injury was the main reason they won the 2016 finals. After a great comeback against the Rockets, the Warriors will be too hot for the Cavs.

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LeBron James in red-hot form, he and the Cavs will pose a significant threat to the Warriors, holds Brian Geltzeiler in CBS Sports. Too many people are confident that the Warriors will destroy the Cavs, but they are unlikely to win this year's championship as easily as last year. The Cavs' growth over the season, particularly in terms of defense, could turn the tide. They were very solid during the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Warriors barely pulled through against the Rockets. The Cavs offer a similar offensive threat that could do damage. The Warriors’ mental lapses this season show a drop in quality from last year. This could be the Cavs’ moment of glory.

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