Who’s the world’s greatest athlete — Lebron or Ronaldo?

Larger than life, LeBron is the best

Ronaldo stands above all

 Getty: Gregory Shamus / Stringer & Alex Grimm / Staff

What makes LeBron James the greatest athlete of all time isn’t just his superhuman feats in basketball, but his presence outside of it, doing his part to better the world, suggests Mark Anthony Green of GQ. LeBron is putting thousands of people through college. He engages in events with world leaders to improve society. He has addressed the heavy issue of race and racism in America. It is these actions that, built upon a supreme career in basketball, make him so great. Currently, at 32, he is already being called the best; when he retires, there will be few records that he hasn’t broken, on and off the basketball court.

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Arrogant, flashy and never satisfied, Ronaldo is the world's ideal athlete, a supreme winner, writes Hampton Sides for Men’s Health. Having won most international trophies any soccer player can dream of, he continues to push himself, mentally and physically, to do even better. With unique skills on the pitch that make him terrifying to play against, he changes games on his own. His skills and quality have turned him into a divisive worldwide superstar, adored or despised everywhere. Constantly challenging himself, he has revolutionized soccer with his grit and talent. The bar is now higher than it has ever been.

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