Will Conor McGregor Ever Fight For UFC Again?

McGregor's UFC days are numbered

He's too valuable to be banned

 Getty: Christian Petersen / Staff

Hurling a dolly at a bus full of UFC fighters and injuring two of them with cuts is an offense that should result in a lifetime UFC ban for Conor McGregor, holds Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports. The injuries he caused could have been a lot worse. They risk canceling at least one planned fight. Alone, the legal repercussions of being charged with assault and criminal mischief could be dramatic. McGregor is likely to be taken to court for the damage he has done, which will be particularly costly. UFC has seen fighters do excessive things, but McGregor’s actions warrant a strong reaction. If he never enters a cage again, it will be highly deserved.

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As Conor McGregor is the poster child of the UFC, he is far too valuable for the franchise to ban him outright, infers Robert Silverman of The Daily Beast. As bad as him throwing heavy objects at a bus with UFC fighters on it and injuring two of them with cuts is, he is far too popular to never fight for the UFC again. This isn’t the first of his offenses, and the organization made things worse by refusing to punish him accordingly. Its lack of other top fighters gives him huge leverage. A pay-per-view fight involving him is worth around $50 million, if not more. McGregor’s huge financial value makes it almost impossible for him to be completely done.

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