Will the Indians win the World Series?

The Indians will win the playoffs

Recent wins can't ensure that

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While the LA Dodgers have suffered a significant fall from grace, the Cleveland Indians are proving to be the MLB's best team, with much more left to come, argues Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Their 20-game winning streak has been achieved without key player Andrew Miller. He is eager to return in the next few days, which will come as a massive boost. The recent successes have also come without their arguably best player, Brantley. Good management and smart signings have given the Indians strong depth, which promises to maintain their amazing run. As things stand, they are highly likely to end up on top during the playoffs.

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The current excitement surrounding the Indians’ rise and the Dodgers’ fall is overblown and won’t necessarily decide who wins the playoffs, writes Neil Paine of Five Thirty Eight. Momentum is significant, but history reveals that great or poor September results don’t end up having much influence in the playoffs. Playing well during any other part of the season was just as significant as September. The LA Dodgers may seem downbeat now, but their past stellar games suggest that they will be big hitters when push comes to shove. What has happened to both teams in the recent month, while spectacular, will not decide the playoffs.

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