Who will win the NBA finals?

Cavs will be overshadowed by Warriors

LeBron is too good for Warriors

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Unstoppable force meets movable object. Going into the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors simply have too much firepower for the Cleveland Cavaliers, agrees the Sports Illustrated staff. As long as Curry, Thompson and Green each play decent games, their strong collective will assure victory. On the other side, it would take nigh perfection from LeBron for the Cavs to even stand a chance. This year’s best defensive team, the Spurs, were taken apart by the Warriors. Cleveland isn’t nearly as solid and relies too heavily on Lebron on attack. The Sports Illustrated staff are practically unanimous that victory is all but guaranteed for the Warriors.

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Pride comes before the fall. LeBron James’s quality as arguably the best basketball player of all time can beat the overconfident Warriors, writes Stephen Douglas of the Big Lead. When he played the Raptors, whose only goal was to stop him, he overcame all of their efforts with a fantastic performance. The Warriors simply don’t have more to offer defensively. LeBron has decided the finals so many times, it’s in his blood at this point. Douglas suggests that this game will be tighter than expected. To him, the Warriors aren’t as all-conquering as many say. If the Cavs won without several key players in December, this game should go the same way.

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