Is Wimbledon’s scheduling sexist?

Wimbledon's scheduling ostracizes women

This year's male stars dominate demand

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Wimbledon’s scheduling for tennis games strongly benefits men and shoves female stars into smaller courts with less of an audience, asserts Greg Jericho of the Guardian. This year, a big player like Angelique Kerber only played on Wimbledon’s center court once, while the men have far more access to it. The argument that audiences prefer to see male tennis games doesn’t hold up. Past examples have shown that improved coverage and marketing can make games between women draw in just as many numbers. Female tennis matches getting pushed to the sidelines is inherently sexist and highly unjust.

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Wimbledon’s scheduling is flawed, but not sexist. While lamentable, female tennis players aren’t playing on less popular courts because of sexism but due to tight scheduling and broadcasting commitments, reports Gatto Luigi. The biggest factor that puts the male game in the limelight is a cast of particularly skillful and famous stars, such as Djokovic, Murray, Nadal and Federer. In past years, the opposite has been the case and female tennis players consequently got more time on bigger courts. The decision is always made with the athlete’s fame in mind, not their gender. Sports networks simply prefer big names.

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