Who should be this year’s NFL MVP?

Brady's leadership deserves MVP award

Wilson carried his team like no other

 Getty: Tom Pennington / Staff

There should be no discussion, Tom Brady’s individual brilliance means he deserves this year’s MVP award, argues Steven Ruiz of USA Today. He leads the NFL in passing by almost 400 yards. He’s the league’s top passer, his stats are extraordinary. Brady has been able to perform so well even though the Patriots’ receiving corps has been ravaged by injuries while the offensive and defensive lines have strongly underwhelmed. It is Brady’s brilliance that keeps the team together, without him they would be nothing. No other team has relied on one player so much. This quarterback has driven his team’s successes and deserves the MVP award.

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Russell Wilson’s standout performances this season mean the MVP award must go to him, believes Danny Heifetz of The Ringer. He has carried the Seahawks on his shoulders in more ways than one. For instance, their offensive line is one of the NFL’s worst run-blocking groups. Wilson’s 432 rushing yards this season more than double the amount of any teammate. He is set to break the NFL’s record of yards gained by a single player in the offense, having won 85.7% of them. But the numbers don’t capture Wilson’s full brilliance. His creativity, intelligence and agility have been a wonder to behold. Exciting, gritty and just fun to watch, he deserves the MVP award.

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