Could Saudi Arabia have funded 9/11?

Evidence suggests Saudi Arabia behind 9/11

Every investigation deemed them innocent

 Getty: Credit: Robert Giroux / Staff

Recent evidence strongly hints at Saudi Arabia’s hand in 9/11, writes Paul Sperry of the New York Post. Two years before the attack, two men with strong links to the Saudi government went on a ‘dry run’ flight to test US airplane security. Their questions and behavior so perturbed the crew that the flight made an emergency landing after which the FBI interrogated them. Both men trained at Al Quaeda terrorist camps during the same time as some of the 9/11 hijackers. One of them even tried to enter the US one month before the attack. Saudi Arabia’s involvement can’t definitively be proven, but there remains a strong possibility.

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Saudi Arabia has been investigated over involvement in 9/11 on several occasions and found innocent each time, reports Akbar Shahid Ahmed of the Huffington Post. Congress having allowed families to take the Gulf nation to court last year only validated a misplaced quest for justice that ignores all tangible evidence. Politicians have used this decision to make themselves seem compassionate with victims. Families are still hurting from the loss, but giving them the false hope of an investigation that will likely bring little conclusive evidence to light makes no sense. This campaign is rooted in emotion and conspiracy-peddling.

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