Amazon's takeover of Whole Foods is ingenious

Amazon is biting off more than it can chew

 Getty: Justin Sullivan / Staff

By taking over Whole Foods, Amazon is setting itself up to revolutionize the online food ordering business as well as the online retail business, theorizes Adam Hartung of Forbes. Online food shopping is complicated because it requires customers to be home, or risk food going bad. Acquiring Whole Foods’ grocery infrastructure can allow Amazon to sell food products online that customers then pick up at their stores. This would enable it to challenge Walmart in a way that wasn’t previously possible. Amazon could change the way everyone does their grocery shopping and become even more successful.

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Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods could end up being an immense failure, implies Andre Spicer of CNN. It is exploring unchartered territory by aspiring to become a full-on food retailer. New challenges will likely arise that the company might not find itself prepared for. This takeover risks placing Amazon in a position of responsibility that might be too big for it to handle. Additionally, it will hurt the rest of American retail, particularly small businesses. Whole Foods’ founder John Mackey predicted that Amazon’s entry into the grocery market would be its undoing. The company is taking a huge gamble.

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