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How to open people’s minds
(to opposite points of view)

Opening minds lecture

A presentation by Daniel Ravner – Founder of The Perspective 

When did our world get divided into US vs. THEM? How is this division tied to the digital revolution? Why do political arguments at the dinner table feel so personal? How do we open people’s minds to opinions that are different from their own?

This presentation (and possible workshop) will introduce six practical ways to get people to see what they might be refusing to see in the political, personal and business spheres. It is based on insights and methodologies that were aggregated and developed for the award-winning venture The Perspective ( The keynote demonstrates these principals, touching on the most stirring issues of the day, from immigration and gun control to Big Tech and climate change.

Delivered by The Perspective founder Daniel Ravner, this talk was previously given in conferences like Remix, Institutions like Columbia University, and for companies like PWC

A 45-minute keynote followed by a possible workshop for 12-50 people.

About The Perspective

While the web was meant to broaden our horizons, the opposite has happened. Social media filter bubbles, a fragmented news landscape and the drive to personalization have all but insulated and polarized us.

The Perspective is a global enterprise, defined by its mission of opening minds.

Our first step – is a site displaying two sides of current events, historic conflicts and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier for users to consider ideas that are different from their own.

The Perspective won the 2017 WebAward in the News category and an Eppy Award for Best Innovation Project. It’s also a highly commended finalist of The Drum award for best editorial innovation and a 2018 Webby awards Finalist in the news and politics category.

An IDC Herzliya college may 2019 research probed into the effectiveness of the perspective’s content. They found that 58.46% of readers opened their minds to different points of view after reading our signature big debates (they moved to the center of a ‘views scale’) 29.4% of readers completely changed their minds! This prompted research on a larger scale in March 2021 which showed that our big debates have an especially significant effect on people who are defined as extreme.

Daniel Ravner

Daniel Ravner, Founder & CEO,

A veteran of content, media and marketing worlds. Daniel Ravner’s Former roles include being Head of Digital at Armoza Formats, Head of content at The Box and creative director of Screenz. Up until the launch of the Perspective, he ran Ravner | Practical Innovation – a marketing and innovation agency. Daniel created digital projects for the likes of P&G, FOX and 3M and was selected as one of the “40 most promising people in the Israeli business world”.

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