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Proud recipient of the following awards:


2017 Editors and Publishers Eppy Award for Best Innovation Project
2018 The Drum Award for Best Editorial Innovation – Highly Commended Finalist 
2017 WebAward: News category
2018 Webby award Finalist – News and Politics
2022 Independent Press Award WINNER in the category of Current Affairs.
2022 Nonfiction Book Awards Gold Winner

Through its mission to open minds, The Perspective seeks to counter the growing polarization that people all over the world are experiencing. The website displays two sides of current events, historic and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier to consider ideas that are different from your own.

The site’s features are designed to persuade readers to consider ideas threatening to their worldview:

The Big Debates  –

Original articles, presenting two sides of a classic debate, but researched and written in a way that appeals to the values of those who might be opposed to it.

Subjective Timeline (HISTORY)

We take on the biggest ongoing conflict and design a timeline that shows how the same milestones are perceived by both sides who took part in it.

My Perspective –

UGC platform that allows people to share how the big issues relate to their daily lives.

Our methodologies have been proven effective in opening minds through an academic reaserch conducted by the Reichman University research in 2021

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page to get a better sense of our why and how we do what we do.

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