Is diversity to really blame for Marvel Comics’ slumping sales?

Diversity to blame for Marvel's Sales Slump

Sales decline due to a wide range of issues

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Marvel Comics has suffered declining sales due to the fact that readers are no longer interested in female Marvel characters or those with diverse backgrounds, said Marvel vice president of sales, David Gabriel, during an interview with Milton Griepp of ICv2 at the recent Marvel Retailer Summit. While hedging about whether he or the company believed it, Gabriel said that the feedback from retailers and decline in sales numbers, particularly of any character that was diverse, new, female, or anything that was not a core Marvel character, indicated that consumers' tastes had changed and that they were no longer interested in diversity in their comic books, according to the ICv2 interview.

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There are many reasons for Marvel Comics' recent decline in sales that have nothing to do with its diverse or female characters, which is what sales executive David Gabriel said during a recent interview. Among the nuanced factors leading to the company's sales slump are the frequent restarting of series with new No. 1 issues, fans getting tired of story lines that don't deliver on their promises of change, the inundation of new series, and the expense of collecting comics, according to George Gene Gustines in the New York Times. Instead of blaming diversity, Gustines claims that Marvel should examine readers' dissasatisfaction to how it portrays classic characters in revamped versions.      

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