Did Trump Cause Walmart’s Pay Raise?

The raises weren't Trump's doing

His reform led to better wages

 Getty: Cancan Chu / Staff

Walmart presented its recent decision to offer better salaries to its employees as a product of President Trump’s tax cuts, but that is not actually the case, believes Pat Garofalo of US News. The rise in wages was a natural development that had been preceded by other raises, and likely came, at least in part, as a response to Target, a competitor, raising its own wage bill. Due to low unemployment, these companies need to raise wages to retain staff and offer a better service. Walmart is one of many companies that used raises as a means to gain favor from Trump, by attributing them to his tax reform, when he really had little to do with it.

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The president’s tax reforms led directly to better wages and other benefits for the employees of Walmart and other companies, reports Sean Moran of Breitbart. This improvement will affect over a million employees of the retailer. Bonuses of $1000 will be handed out, maternity and parental support will go up, and the minimum wage will be raised to $11 an hour. Walmart is among over 100 businesses that will give workers up to $2,000 in bonuses. Lower taxes saved money that can be used to boost local investment, contributions to retirement plans and salaries. Trump’s tax plan will help Walmart offer a better service and better pay.

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