How will the Net Neutrality Repeal affect us?

This will hurt American consumers

Actually, it's good for competition

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Maintaining Net Neutrality is essential for keeping the internet free, open and competitive, argues Andrew Leonard of Rolling Stone. Without it, internet service providers (ISPs) would be able to accelerate or slow certain websites as they please. Companies like Verizon would be able to slow down Netflix’s speed in order to push customers to use their own streaming services. The idea that consumers would be able to choose a different ISP is wrong. Comcast, AT&T and Verizon dominate the US market. Out of 118m households, 50m US households have access to only one high-speed internet provider. Net Neutrality is highly necessary.

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The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) mode of regulating the internet is antiquated and hurts the competitiveness of companies, writes Brent Skorup in a National Review article from May. It has often been used to limit free speech and serve the interest of certain entities. In the 60s, the FCC almost squashed the emergence of cable TV, motivated by other factors than consumer benefit. Without it, the internet won’t collapse, as it is still protected by the Federal Trade Commission. Letting the free market roam on the internet without excessive regulation would benefit Americans. New apps and startups would benefit from this.

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