Is ‘American Gods’ overrated?

'American Gods' is overrated

It's a wondrous TV adaptation

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The new show "American Gods," adapted from the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman is gorgeous, with visually arresting colors and hi definition at its best, yet the plot is achingly slow and confusing, writes James Delingpole in The Spectator. While the characters have vivid personalities and entertaining skills, the show overall leaves viewers confused about what's going on, critiques Delingpole. What's more, he adds, understanding the slow-paced story doesn't even matter. He claims that since the characters are all supernatural, they can follow any rules the writer makes up for them as he goes along, which leaves viewers feeling clueless.  

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Though new TV show "American Gods" contains a lot of violence, it is also a very promising new series, one that faithfully and successfully adapts Neil Gaiman's 2001 fantasy novel, critiques Peter Rubin in Wired. Show creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green's stylistic efforts invite both fans and newcomers, without compromise, argues Rubin, who says that even if viewers are unfamiliar with the story, the show makes it worth their while to keep watching as it "rewards thoughtful viewing." What's more, the show, which takes on the challenging topic of portraying gods and faith does so convincingly and entertaingly, according to Rubin.  

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