Should We Condemn Aziz Ansari Amid Allegations?

Yes. He's part of a larger problem

We shouldn't condemn him too quickly

 Getty: Kevin Winter / Staff

The allegations of sexual misconduct against actor and comedian Aziz Ansari highlight the duplicity of men that present themselves as allies of women in public yet go against such ideals in private, infers Jasmine Andersson of The Independent. Some powerful men have crafted images as feminists that fight the misogyny seen in all levels of society when, really, they are a part of it. Through his age, fame and progressive reputation, Ansari was a figure his accuser felt she could trust. His alleged actions indicate that this trust was misplaced. Ansari’s reported actions have been reflected by other men who used their feminist standing to take advantage of women.

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Compared to the way that women of the postwar era dealt with men that went too far during dates, Aziz Ansari’s accuser seemed to have done little to prevent her regrettable situation, holds Caitlin Flanagan of The Atlantic. During the encounter, she reportedly entered Ansari’s apartment twice, once to have a drink and then after dinner. What she expected in the latter encounter is still unclear. After engaging in presumably consensual sexual relations, things turned sour. Her anonymous article about what she recalls happening seemed to be geared towards hurting Ansari’s career. In a "he said - she said" scenario, society has responded a little too fast in condemning him so outrightly.

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