Does Game Of Thrones Season 8 Live Up To Expectations?

The writers have seriously dropped the ball

This is some of the best television out there


* Spoiler ahead. The eighth season of Game of Thrones is underwhelming fans, reports Hanna Collins of Comic Book Resources. On Rotten Tomatoes, it got the lowest ratings of any of the show’s seasons. The much-hyped third episode, “The Long Night,” caused great outrage on the internet. Poor lighting made it hard to even see what was going on. The heroes’ battle tactics were more than questionable. Game of Thrones seems to have prioritized drama and showmanship over good writing. The show made its name from killing main characters, but they all survived its biggest ever battle. Cliches and plot holes have seriously harmed this once great story.

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Game of Thrones is a phenomenal show that too many fans are laying into for the sake of doing so, suggests Tom Kuegler of Medium. While there are real and valid critiques of some parts of the show’s eighth season, the anger of fans in their reviews is widely excessive. Many of them appear to be upset about things not going the way they personally wanted. No show can accommodate its whole fan base. Season eight has been a huge spectacle with amazing cinematography, heart-wrenching deaths and phenomenal action. Its third episode was a masterpiece. Fans that gather on the internet to attack the show are choosing to focus on the negatives aspects.

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