How good is Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk?

Nolan's Dunkirk is a creative triumph

Too artistic, it's boring and disorienting

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Dunkirk is an exceptionally directed movie that brings forth all of Christopher Nolan’s artistic strengths, holds David Fear of Rolling Stone. It’s unique for a war movie, focusing less on the action and more on the raw human emotion of dealing with imminent death. A cast of the highest quality perfectly displays the drama and variety of emotion that creates an incredibly gripping experience. Nolan shows his ability to go deep, after a series of movies that focused on drama. What brings Dunkirk to life is its personal touch that allows the audience to really feel the despair of its characters. It’s a movie experience like no other.

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Nolan’s Dunkirk manages to make one of the most dramatic moments of World War Two seem uneventful and confusing at the same time, argues Matthew Gault of War Is Boring. Divided into separate chapters, the movie creates a disentangled mess that doesn’t allow viewers to follow a narrative or grow close to any of its characters. Its over-reliance on cinematography and Hans Zimmer’s composition becomes tiring and repetitive. Nolan sacrificing plot for his expressionistic depiction of war is disorienting. There’s little to hold onto with too many unanswered questions about the characters, leaving much to be desired.

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