Is Eminem’s New Album Kamikaze Good?

It's great, showing all who's the boss

Eminem is an old man on the way out

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Eminem’s surprise new album Kamikaze is a smash hit, taking aim at half the rap community, writes All Hiphop. He attacks many people that have criticized him, from fellow rappers to journalists. One of the album’s most poignant parts is his criticism of the mumble-rap style and the artists of the genre. Besides his great rap skills, the album is highly personal, authentic and most of all refreshing. Kamikaze is Eminem showing that he’s not done with the rap world. After his 2017 album Recovery was a disappointment, which he acknowledges, this was a strong statement of intent. He showed the world that he and his legacy still deserve respect.

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Kamikaze, Eminem’s latest album, is an improvement from the disaster that was Revival, but does little beyond raising a few eyebrows, asserts Bryan Rolli of Forbes. Some good songs aside, the album is littered with cringe-worthy skits involving messages sent to and from his manager and poorly planned-out digs at other rappers. The final song “Fall” should have been left out and strongly drags the album down. All in all, the fact that Eminem is 45 stands out as he comes across as an aging man who doesn’t like what young people are up to nowadays. He cements himself as a historical great, but not as a rapper who can compete with today's new youth.

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