Is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ good?

'Kingsman' is too over-the-top to be good

It's uniquely fun in an unpretentious way

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Realism isn’t a must for action movies, but Kingsman: The Golden Circle contains so little of it that it becomes hard to take seriously in any way or get emotionally invested in, believes Peter Debruge of Variety. Death seems to mean nothing, as characters from the previous movie re-appear, one of whom was shot in the eye at point-blank range. By doing this, death is no longer a character’s permanent end, so any of them being in mortal danger or sacrificing themselves for others holds a lot less weight. Killer robot dogs and cannibalism make an already ridiculous plot more alienating. Kingsman fails to create a story that is coherent or interesting.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle may go over the top but it does so wittily and with self-awareness, creating a cool spy-action movie that is simply fun to watch, holds Evan Narcisse of Gizmodo. It isn’t afraid to make fun of itself in it’s ridiculousness, every overly-dramatic scene is done tongue-in-cheek. Still Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Taron Egerton manage to give their characters depth and relatable emotion in the sea of outrageousness. Relationships, anger, regret of the past all feature. In the end, Kingsman excels in delivering amazing action and explosions that are a pleasure to behold. It’s ultimately a spectacle that all can enjoy.

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