Is the Outrage at Youtuber Logan Paul justified?

Paul's video was highly disrespectful

Attacking him doesn't solve the issue

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When video blogger Logan Paul shared footage of a dead body in a Japanese forest, he crossed a huge line, suggests Tom Ward of Forbes. Already insensitive, he and his friends cracked jokes and giggled near the body of a man that committed suicide. Paul’s behavior is symbolic of the wider culture that the internet has created. Making videos more controversial and more appalling brings in more profits. The video blogger showed an incredible lack of judgment in publishing this video and monetizing someone’s suicide. The YouTube culture has encouraged and rewarded this kind of amoral behavior.

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Logan Paul clearly made a huge mistake in publishing footage of a suicide victim, but the internet’s response, burning him at the stake, is not the correct way to go about this, suggests Sirena Bergman of The Independent. The negative abuse that has been hurled his way is excessive. When encountering the body, Paul was thrust into the role of a journalist, something the 22-year-old was clearly not prepared for. Suicide and death is something that music and films have often portrayed and audiences have consumed. Audiences push people like Paul to post crazier videos, which is a more profound problem that needs addressing.

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