Is Rotten Tomatoes Good for Cinema?

Rotten Tomatoes is good for cinema

It's bad & too reductive of movies' nuances

 Getty: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

Hollywood is blaming the poor performance of its sub-par movies on Rotten Tomatoes’ bad reviews, believes Ashley Rodriguez of Quartz. Movies like Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales got very poor reviews, which significantly affected their box office income. However, this is also due to both movies highlighting Hollywood’s lack of creativity, trying to squeeze profits from old franchises. Simply put, they were bad and relied on their name recognition to get people into the cinema. Rotten Tomatoes protects people from bad movies. Studios should become more creative instead of pointing fingers.

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Rotten Tomatoes’ way of rating movies reduces them to either ‘fresh’ or ‘rotten,’ dismissing a whole array of nuance that can exist in-between and beyond, suggests Tom Brueggemann of Indie Wire. People that visit the site are barely exposed to critical reviews, just a score that tells them whether a movie is bad or not. It may be convenient but it is an overly simplistic way to judge movies. For example, a standout performance or other element can make a 'bad' movie worth watching. Moviegoers should engage with the critical process behind the review, not just follow the final verdict blindly. This is a flawed way of critiquing movies.

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