How will Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes be remembered?

Roger Ailes was a trailblazing TV exec

He'll be remembered for his misogyny

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Fox News founder and former CEO Roger Ailes, who died Thursday, will be remembered as a pioneering figure who changed the face of conservative TV media, writes David Ng in the Los Angeles Times. According to Ng, Ailes was a trailblazer, as he is the one who provided a national televised platform for right-wing political voices, especially Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Despite the sexual harrassment scandals that ended his career with the network last year, Ailes's legacy as a brilliant TV executive and Republican-party communications influencer will remain peerless, asserts Ng. Among those who sought Ailes's counsel were Ronald Reagon, George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump.  Despite being a polarizing figure, he will be remembered for founding one of the most successful media outlets and as a communications genius, concludes Ng.

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The fact that Roger Ailes, former founder and CEO of Fox News, died less than one year after he was ousted from the network due to sexual harrassment accusations from more than 20 women means that he will mainly be remembered for being an alleged sexual predator, asserts Amanda Marcotte in Salon. The misogynistic way he treated women, and the culture he created at Fox News, where sexual harrassment of female workers was reportedly accepted and encouraged, will now overshadow his business savvy and successes in both the conversative media and political realms, adds Marcotte. She argues that for someone who spent his whole career working to "preserve and advance the dominance of affluent white men over everyone else," it's only fitting that his memory will be as a villain that most Americans will strive not to be.  

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