Are Liberal Arts Degrees Worth It?

They offer a variety of opportunities

There isn't enough demand for them

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Liberal arts degrees instill in students things such as curiosity and self-reflection that are incredibly valuable in life, suggests George Anders of The Atlantic. Contrary to popular belief, many students from middle-income families that choose liberal arts degrees are put on meaningful career paths. A history degree can lead to success as a judge or lawyer, while many philosophy students end up on Wall Street. The liberal arts are about soft skills. While the career possibilities may not be as obvious as for other fields, they are significant. Students end up with a diverse skill set that makes them able to adapt to new roles and think outside of the box.

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Liberal arts degrees are not translating into job opportunities, infers Joann Weiner of The Washington Post. Jobs in the field of psychology, for example, require a high level of expertise and are much fewer in numbers than students with degrees. Supply and demand are key here. There isn’t enough demand for certain jobs in certain disciplines related to liberal arts, considering how many people study this field. In fact, most jobs in the US don’t require college degrees. Meanwhile, students that graduate in STEM are far more likely to find work after college. Many liberal arts students end up being underpaid. They would be better off changing what they study.

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