Should Betsy DeVos roll back campus rape laws?

DeVos right to reform campus rape laws

She is ignoring the countless victims

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Betsy DeVos’s proposed reform of campus sexual assault laws will re-balance a system that was overly favorable towards accusers and very harsh towards men, who in many cases were innocent, asserts Carol Markowicz of the New York Post. The liberal reaction has painted her as being lenient with rapists, which is not the case. There are too many examples of innocent students being punished by a system that is stacked against accusers. Victims clearly need to be protected, but all sides deserve a lawful process. This is what DeVos is trying to establish, to ensure that justice is delivered equally and fairly.

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By changing the law to be more lenient with accused rapists, Betsy DeVos is taking attention away from those who need it most, the survivors of sexual assault, who far too often don’t get justice, infers Lucia Graves of The Guardian. As terrible as false accusations are, the big issue that needs to be addressed is the too-high number of college students who are raped yearly. Convicted rapists like Stanford’s Brock Turner still get highly lenient sentences. Far too often, rapists get away with their crimes. DeVos should be working to make campuses safer from rapists, not make it even harder for victims to pursue the men that assault them.

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