Should A Catholic School Have Fired Its Gay Teacher?

This was an incredibly wrong decision

Catholics must defend their values

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While technically legal, the Miami, Florida-based Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School firing Jocelyn Morffi for posting pictures of her wedding to another woman is deeply immoral, suggests Fabiola Santiago of The Miami Herald. She was very popular among her students, whose parents raised public awareness for the issue. The Catholic Church, which claims to preach love and equality, shouldn’t judge its followers in this antiquated manner. Pope Francis himself said that gay people can be good Catholics. The school telling its employees to hide their sexuality is very wrong. Morffi's teaching skills were certainly not affected by her life choices.

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Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami was right to remain loyal to its ideals and fire Jocelyn Morffi for posting about her gay wedding on Instagram, argues Daniel Payne of The Washington Examiner. The Catholic Church has seen its values and beliefs slowly degraded over the past decades. While it may be a pity that a good person lost her job, the school shouldn’t budge on this issue or it will risk further erosion of Catholic morals. Already four out of five of Catholics see birth control as morally acceptable. Abortion and the sanctity of marriage have long been under attack; the further Catholics compromise, the more their ways of life will change.

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