Do climate change moderates enable further inaction?

Climate change moderates hinder action

Moderation is needed for path based on facts

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Stop climate change now, debate later. While criticism of the left’s policies to prevent global warming can be justified, detractors that tackle such ideas with facts should note that their arguments further inspire climate change deniers’ inaction, theorizes Ross Douthat of the New York Times. Climate change moderates may see themselves as a nonpartisan mediator between both sides, however a healthy dialogue between left and right is far less important than a healthy strategy against climate change. Currently, with a Republican-dominated government, climate change is not being addressed correctly. The left’s arguments may be flawed at times, but their overall agenda is not.

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Not hot, not cold, lukewarm. Moderates in the climate change debate are a necessary contrast to liberal fear-mongering on the subject, holds Oren Cass of National Review. Exaggerating facts to accelerate climate change action is not the right way forward, neither is denying them and ignoring the problem. Moderates have a duty to objectively critique both these extremes and to find a strategy based on the best research and information available. Clearly, this is an issue that will affect the whole globe, but the left-wing strategy isn’t always the best. One example is the toothless Paris climate deal that would have hurt economic growth while having no way to enforce its policies.

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