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How Should We Discuss Rape Allegations After Kobe’s Death?

We have to be honest for the victim

Kobe was far bigger than just this


The serious rape allegation against Kobe Bryant should be part of any discussion about his legacy, holds Jill Filipovic of Buzzfeed News. While it doesn't necessarily need to overshadow all the good he did, understanding that he was a complex character with good and bad traits is important. While some may see this as insensitive, one must also remember the perspective of the alleged victim, who now sees the face of her alleged abuser everywhere, as he is praised and celebrated. Women like her are constantly erased by rich and powerful men. Many people want to see Bryant as exclusively good, but the reality is just more complicated.

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The death of Kobe Bryant came as a major shock to most of society. The immediate aftermath of such a tragedy is not the most sensitive time to discuss the past rape allegation against him, asserts Tiana Lowe of The Washington Examiner. While it is still serious and believable, painting this man who did a great deal of good as an alleged rapist first and foremost, is not right. Key here is that Bryant made a public apology, acknowledging the voice of his accuser. While that can't excuse him, he appeared to go through reckoning and then growth. In death, we should celebrate what he achieved, and leave a bit of time before discussing his darkest moment.

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