The Internet makes us less informed

The infinite access makes us better informed

 Getty: Alexander Koerner / Stringer

The internet’s endless flow of information has created a medium that allows us to confirm our flawed biases and circulate them further, reveals David Dunning in The Conversation. While holding on to preconceived notions was part of human nature before, the internet has exasperated this bad habit. Its existence has made people more confident in their opinions, even if they are based on misconceptions. Online it is surprisingly hard to tell the difference between legitimate and flawed information. Fake news emerges and spreads like wildfire thanks to the filter bubbles. It has perpetuated bad reasoning among humans.

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To fully understand the effects of the internet we looked into the generation that grows up online, our kids. Since its emergence children have become better educated than their predecessors by having access to a larger amount of information, asserts AJ Agrawal of the Huffington Post. The internet has made learning easier and more intuitive. When a child uses Google, they can quickly inform themselves about any given subject. New websites and technologies have made learning a fun experience, facilitating kids' intake of information. The internet has provided millions with a level of education that was previously unimaginable.

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