Plus-sized models normalize unhealthy bodies

They fight society's archaic beauty standards

 Getty: Lucas Dawson / Stringer

Promoting plus-sized models risks normalizing and encouraging unhealthy eating habits, infers the New Zealand Herald. This issue is not exclusive to obesity; parading anorexic models on runways as the ideal standard of beauty can also be very harmful. Overweight people being confident and happy with their bodies is inarguably positive. However, advertising their body-types as the norm can be unhealthy. The fashion industry should focus on promoting healthy body shapes that are neither over- or underweight. Fat-shaming is never justified, but that doesn’t mean one can’t promote healthier lifestyles.

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Plus-sized models on the fashion runway can undo the way that society has arbitrarily scorned bigger bodies, argues Bianca Soldati of Yahoo News. Being overweight or even obese does not reflect the full extent of an individual’s health. Being thin does not mean an individual is healthy, as body size doesn't reflect issues of substance abuse or poor self-care. The fashion industry has long spread unrealistic and hurtful standards of beauty. In the end, one doesn’t need to be very skinny to be beautiful and confident. Plus-sized models can help all of us move beyond our antiquated views on beauty.

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