Should we reconsider the use of fireworks on the 4th of July?

We should reconsider fireworks on July 4

Stopping fireworks won't solve anything

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Celebrations of the nation’s independence and military successes should consider the damage that fireworks do to the veterans that suffered for them, suggests Mark Vargas of the Washington Examiner. The battlefield, full of explosions, causes invisible wounds that soldiers bear. Adapting to civilian life after being enveloped by a reality of bombs and death can be awfully grueling for some. The sounds of fireworks resemble those of war and can trigger traumatic flashbacks among veterans. They already suffer enough, with some resorting to drugs and even suicide because of the sacrifice they made for our country.    

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Asking Americans to limit their use of fireworks to shield veterans perpetuates the notion of them as helpless, broken victims, infers Scott Faith in Task and Purpose. Not all veterans suffer from acute PTSD; many of them lead happy, successful lives back home. For those that do have issues, they are best off addressing them themselves, by seeing a doctor or getting the right medication. Asking others to change their behavior won’t solve an individual’s deep-set problems. Setting off fireworks on the 4th of July is one of America’s most longstanding traditions, and should not be limited for any reason.

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