Should The Pope Resign Over Sexual Abuse Scandals?

Pope Francis should resign over this tragedy

He can fix the Catholic Church's problems

 Getty: Mark Wilson / Staff

The scandals of child abuse within the Catholic Church mean Pope Francis should resign, infers Louis L. Murray of the Boston Herald. He is the leader of the organization and must be held accountable for issues that he has failed to address properly during his five years in charge. Pope Francis also stands accused by a former papal nuncio of having known of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church without doing anything about it. In fact, he allegedly dropped sanctions placed on the offending Theodore McCormick, after which he even promoted him to his inner circle of advisors. If these accusations are true, no other path but resignation should await him.

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Pope Francis should be given the chance to pull the Catholic Church out of its current sexual abuse scandal, holds David Gibson of The New York Times. He has shown himself to be a visionary and reformer, already swaying the institution’s archaic stance on many issues. Sexual abuse is one issue where he has yet to follow through. With support from within the Catholic Church, he could make sure that the problem is dealt with efficiently. For example, creating a department to which people can report abuses anonymously, which then launches investigations, would be a great first step. Pope Francis can use this low moment to make profound changes.

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