Was A Colorado Baker Right to Refuse A Transgender Person?

The baker was wrong to say no

He has a right to his own beliefs

 Getty: Alex Wong / Staff

The owner of the Colorado Masterpiece cake shop veered towards discriminatory behavior when he denied a transgender woman a cake to celebrate her birthday and transition, holds Samantha Allen of The Daily Beast. His claim that he has the right to refuse baking such a cake based on his religion is dubious. If someone were to buy a birthday cake for a transgender person and write the pronoun of their new gender on it, this would also theoretically go against his beliefs. In such a case, any transgender person would be denied a cake based on their identity. The baker is wrong to try to deny transgender people cakes in this case.

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The owner of a Colorado cake shop was justified in denying a transgender woman a cake to celebrate her sexual transition, believes Kevin D. Williamson of National Review. First off, he was targeted by political activists for his previous case surrounding a gay wedding cake. He was contacted to make cakes in certain ways that were sure to clash with his religious beliefs. It should be his prerogative to deny making such a cake. Key here is that he doesn’t want to deny anyone service based on who they are, but based on what kind of cake they want him to bake. He shouldn’t be forced to bake a cake that celebrates something that goes against his values.

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