Are We Walking Into A North Korean Trap?

Everything points towards peace

North Korea has been here before

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The North Korean peace efforts have made dramatic progress, which indicates that we are getting closer and closer to achieving peace between both North and South Korea, asserts Tom Plant of Time. While it’s too soon to lean back and celebrate, the fact that dialogue has proceeded so swiftly, as well as a historic peace agreement being reached, is promising. North Korea likely has strong reasons to work towards this, as sanctions have hit its income hard. Its openness indicates that things have changed. A summit that involves the US will take place by June. Here, mutual concessions could lead to meaningful long-term solutions. The unprecedented recent developments indicate good things will come.

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While the process of talks with North Korea may seem promising to many, North Korea still has many ways to crash any deal or extract overly heavy concessions from the US, holds Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post. A similar amount of euphoria surrounded dialogues between the regime and South Korea in 2000, only for them to fall flat. North Korea's Kim Jong-un may be appealing to President Trump’s ego, offering him the possibility of making such a historic deal. He has few reasons to give up his nuclear weapons or to accept South Korea as a legitimate state. Kim Jong-un likely hopes to push Trump into loosening America’s hold on the region, which would be a huge mistake. The world should be cautious in its optimism.

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