Is Chelsea Manning a Hero or Traitor?

Chelsea Manning is a courageous hero

Despite prison release, she's a traitor

 Getty Images: Mark Wilson

Chelsea Manning, previously known as Bradley Manning, who, while fighting in the Iraq War, discovered high-level American corruption, deceit of the public and even war crimes, is a hero for disclosing hundreds of thousands of documents to the world with no benefit to herself, writes Glenn Greenwald in The Intercept. He argues that Manning is a classic leaker of conscience, having risked her life to reveal the truth that the world had a right to know. Listing some of the significant and horrific relevations that Manning exposed, Greenwald talks about the world-changing events that happened as a result, some of which attempted to right the wrongs perpetrated by the Americans. Manning bravely risked a harsh prison sentence to ensure that the public would learn of concealed corruption and criminality, concludes Greenwald.  

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Bradley Manning, who despite being released early from prison as the transgender Chelsea Manning after Obama commuted her sentence, is still a traitor, according to Matt Walsh in The Blaze. By going into a war zone, stealing hundreds of thousands of classified files relating to national security during a time of war, and giving them to WikiLeaks, Manning undermined US war efforts and put in jeapardy the saftey and lives of US soldiers, intelligence officers and allies, asserts Walsh. The fact that this traitor to America went on to receive treatment for becoming a transgender woman while in prison is also unfair, adds Walsh.  He claims that it is shameful that someone who consciously and criminally damaged America's reputation would get such wide-spread public support and that Manning deserved consequences not leniency that Obama provided.

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