Was Dunkirk’s patriotic message misplaced?

Dunkirk patriotism clouds Brexit mess

It shows the special bond of nationhood

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Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk may have been a filmmaking masterpiece, but its patriotic message comes at the wrong time for Britain, asserts Jenni Russel in The New York Times. As the shadow of Brexit hangs over its people, they should be moving away from nationalism and towards understanding what is happening to their country. The movie shows resilience in the face of an overbearing enemy, suggesting that Britain will triumph in the end, no matter what. This will not be the case with Brexit, which will weaken the economy and leave Britain very alone in Europe. The people should be wary of blind patriotism and what it can do to a country.

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Dunkirk phenomenally captures Britain’s unity and fighting spirit against all odds, infers Daniel Davis of The Daily Signal. It was the heroism of common British people that allowed 350,000 troops to survive a situation that left them at the mercy of opposing fighter planes. Dunkirk shows us what defines a nation, its language, culture and history. The bond between common people and soldiers beautifully demonstrates this. During that grim time on the French shores, it was extraordinary acts from ordinary people that saved so many from death and imprisonment. The movie shows the special and sweeping bond that Britishness holds together.

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