Has the US Gained Control Of Covid-19?

The worst is probably over already

We are still mishandling COVID-19

 Unsplash: Arturo Rey

The COVID-19 situation in America is not as bad as the media is reporting, holds John Ziegler of the New York Post. While cases are going up across the country, this metric belies an improving situation. First off, testing is more accessible than ever, meaning more people without symptoms are getting diagnosed as positive. They might have the virus but they are also fine, health-wise. We should be focusing on hospitalization rates, which, barring a few hotspots, are quite low. The COVID-19 situation is still bad, but progress is very clearly being made. We are far better at treating people now than we were a few months ago. Still, the media seems intent on keeping us worried.

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Poor leadership has left the US in an ever-deadly COVID-19 crisis, suggests Olga Khazan of The Atlantic. Nowhere is this issue more clear than in nursing homes, where 40% of all COVID-19 deaths have occurred. Unfortunately, their residents are still at huge risk. Even though funds have been designated for these facilities, many of them have yet to be distributed. Many nursing homes still face shortages of supplies such as PPE masks. Officials in many states aren't taking adequate precautions to support them or combat the virus's spread in general. These deaths weren't inevitable; other countries took more precautions to protect the elderly and lost fewer people.

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