Is Canceling The N. Korea Talks A Failure?

This is a major diplomatic blunder

The talks weren't going anywhere

 Getty: The White House / Handout

President Trump pulling out of the scheduled talks with North Korea is a strategic loss for the US and a PR win for the regime, infers Fred Kaplan of Slate. America leaving gives Kim Jong-un the ability to claim that he was willing to negotiate but Trump wasn’t. Already he had presented himself as a peace-seeker in recent months with surprising openness to dialogue. To begin with, Trump shouldn’t have agreed to talks so swiftly, but come up with realistic goals and demands first. North Korea's recent jabs at the US, while provocative, were typical of the regime and should not have ended the talks. The fact it did indicates Trump wasn't fully aware of whom he was dealing with.

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Kim Jong-un had been playing cat and mouse with the US for too long, President Trump was right in canceling his meeting with him, assert the editors of National Review. The regime was pushing for a superficial agreement, without proper concessions, to get out of sanctions, anyway. The US should respond with harsher sanctions and the stifling of North Korea’s illegal sources of income. This is ultimately the best path to beat its regime. Going into talks, while Kim plays mind-games to increase his leverage, was never the way forward. The regime never gave the indication of being open to denuclearize. Only when North Korea genuinely seeks peace should America engage with it.

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